Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why HealthForce Superfoods Are Superior (Part 2)

A continuation of the compelling reasons why the HealthForce line-up is exceptional and incomparable to the rest... (adapted from the website)

Value: HealthForce products are exceptional values for several reasons:
1.) We offer our products in higher than standard potencies. This allows the end user (you) to get much greater benefits from a supplement. Many health products simply have little to no effects due to low potencies. Their products sometimes have deceptively low prices. Putting more material per serving and more servings per bottle allows us to offer you a lower cost per milligram.

For example, our main antioxidant product, A├žai Resveratrol Ultimate ORAC Antioxidant Complex™, has over 12,000 TE Units of ORAC value per serving! This is a much greater quantity of antioxidants than is usually put into a product. This makes the product much more effective and affordable for you. Lowering the potency to 30% of what it is now would raise the cost per milligram of the product approximately 50-60%!

Our main superfood product, Vitamineral™ Green, contains 60-70% more superfoods than other products. However, Vitamineral™ Green costs the same as others while offering significant nutritional advantages.

2.) We have a lower than normal profit margin, thus further allowing our products to be more affordable.


Here's something you can't count on HealthForce for:

Staying the same. You may be aware of many products that stay the same for years, decades or longer. Sometimes that makes sense. However, many product ingredients are not consistent with the current nutritional knowledge. This leads to less effective products, and oftentimes, problems with them as well. HealthForce products are designed to be ahead of their time, incorporating superfoods and unique nutrients to make them maximally effective with no toxicity. We are always expanding our minds and researching how to make our products even better.

Ethics & Environmentalism
HealthForce consciously uses recycled/recyclable materials as much as possible in production of our products. We also do not support or conduct any animal testing, which is often irrelevant and dangerously misleading when it comes to human health. No creature is abused, tortured, or murdered for HealthForce products. We do not use gelatin capsules since they are derived from boiled animal parts and simply nutritionally inferior to capsules made from vegetable material. All of our products are Vegan, and so are we.

What you choose to eat dramatically affects your health, the environment, and all life on earth.


HealthForce is constantly researching ways to improve the products. We make of a wide variety of research. This includes traditional lab data and other less common, cutting edge methods of analysis. We do much of the direct research ourselves. The preceding allows us to have far more nutritional information (and more perspectives) than other companies have, and we develop products based on our unique research.

* HealthForce is a Vegan company. HealthForce does not carry any products of animal origin nor do any animal testing.

* HealthForce only offers products without the toxicities associated with medical drugs, and to a lesser degree, isolated/synthetic nutrients and some select herbs.

* HealthForce realizes that nutritional supplements can be the difference between sickness and health, and literally life and death. We do not make any compromises and offer products at the best value possible.

* Many HealthForce products can not be fairly compared to others because they are so unique and offer advantages that are not quantifiable.

"You have my word that I will ensure that HealthForce always lives up to the highest standards of integrity in every possible area." - Jameth Sheridan, Naturopath

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why HealthForce Superfoods Are Superior (Part 1)

I am asked constantly at the demos and classes I teach what makes HealthForce unique and unlike all the other health-promoting companies. I could talk for hours (and most of you know that I do so happily) about this, but I felt you should hear it directly from Jameth himself. Below is part 1 of 2 that I'll share with you; I've taken an excerpt from HF's website because no one can explain what makes HF superior like the man who created the line, Jameth Sheridan.

Here's some short, fun videos of Matt Monarch of the Raw Food World interviewing Jameth at the 2009 Raw Spirit Festival in Santa Barbara. You'll get to see Jameth's hard-core serious side, as well as the playful, super-charged energy side!

Healthforce Nutritionals Jameth Sheridan Part I, Episode#156

Healthforce Nutritionals Jameth Sheridan Part II Episode#157


There are many good, ethical companies offering quality, effective nutritional products. However, we feel that HealthForce Nutritionals is unique and truly offers the best of the best.

Why HealthForce?
HealthForce realizes that certain nutritional supplements can and do make a dramatic difference in one's state of health, or lack thereof. We have seen lifestyle changes (including diet and bio-compatible nutritional supplements) literally save people's lives, even after they have been given up for dead. We are on a mission to provide the absolute best products at the most affordable prices.

Why are HealthForce products different?
We are on a never-ending quest to make the greatest difference possible in people's health. Therefore, through much research, we have made ourselves aware of little known nutritional concepts and truths.

In addition to traditional lab data, we also make use of live blood cell analysis and Kirlian photography to assist us in product development. Live blood cell analysis allows us to see the blood as it flows in the body. Many nutritional supplements actually cause the blood to be in a less healthful state than before taking them! Others can turn a stagnant, toxic, deficient blood stream and breathe new life into it. Kirlian photography allows us to actually see the lifeforce around a food, person, animal, or supplement. Supplements with little or no lifeforce field will severely drain the body; ones with large lifeforce fields will enhance the body greatly. The unique knowledge we gain through our extensive research is reflected in our products.

There are many widely used ingredients that we will not use, because our research and experience prove to us that other, less common ingredients are far more effective to use, and without any compromises.

Mother Nature is a guide for us. Our products are designed to re-create a state of true nature that we should be able to take for granted. We use Superfoods/herbs/enzymes and other natural nutritional substances in our products. We also employ sophisticated high-tech methods and formulations where appropriate to further our emulation of nature. We use no isolated or synthetic vitamins/minerals whatsoever.

What about quality?
HealthForce will never compromise quality. We even reject most commonly accepted raw materials.

100% TruGanic™: TruGanic™ is a purist, hard-core quality standard significantly beyond Organic. In addition to no pesticides being used anywhere in the growing process, TruGanic™ includes authentic standards for production, non-toxic cleaning agents and pest control, electromagnetic radiation, processing agents, additives, air quality, and actual verification of purity. This means that HealthForce ensures that there is no electromagnetic radiation, processing agents, or additives - what other companies go to this level of purity?

The chief product formulator (who is YEARS ahead of his time) and raw material researcher sums up HealthForce's dedication to quality:

"You have my solemn promise that I will continually seek out the absolute best nutritional materials available. I will assess them with a completely open, yet skeptical mind. I will try to leave no stone unturned and constantly stretch my mind for new, undiscovered truths. I will carefully incorporate what I learn into the absolute best products possible." ... Yes, I'll have some of what's he's offering, thank you.

- Jameth Sheridan, Naturopath; Product formulator/raw material researcher
... he is the definition of a progressive researcher and formulator in my personal opinion. Working with this company, I can tell you confidently there are no others like it, and the quality and integrity will never be surpassed.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Healing From A Car Accident

What happens when something effects your health status / physical body that you didn't expect or intentionally prepare for? As a raw Superfoodie with all the tools, potions, and secret weapons, I'm covered in case of most emergencies, and a minor car accident, such as the one I was in mid-last week is no exception. I've received many requests for me to post my healing strategy for these coming weeks and this is what I got so far.

First, I'd like to mention that I am very fortunate; things could have of course been much worse and I do not take that for granted for one minute. My practitioners have mentioned that I already am, and will heal 100 times faster than the average person due to my lifestyle and eating habits. Ah... what a relief! Because I put food into my body that is already medicinal and therapeutic, I am leaps ahead of where I could be. This information applies to all injuries, traumas, and recovery of any kind: we are more resilient when we fuel our bodies with superior nutrition and can bounce back to the surprise of others.

I believe that thoughts play a major role in healing and I do not believe accidents happen by accident. Things happen for a reason and it's all a matter of perspective. You can disagree, but in my life experience thus far, I've come to see that #1: nothing is put in front of you that you cannot handle, and 2# there are no accidents - read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay if you think there is a such thing.


The Healing Regenerative Recovery Program:

Morning - fresh homemade vegetable juice
Afternoon - cacao Superfood Blendie (aka: medicinal smoothie) with all my usual Superfoods (green powder, raw cacao, maca, zeolites, and heavy, therapeutic amounts of MSM)
Snacks - WildBar, goji berries, Inca berries
Evening - Superfood salad (mix of leafy greens) with my favorite Creamy Dreamy Green Goddess Dressing (with turmeric and cayenne)
Dessert - Raw Chocolate Dream Nuggets, raw Superfood fudge, or raw banana ice cream (you can whip this up in minutes - no juicer needed, just a food processor) - or I pass on this & finish up the blendie from earlier. These are all guilt-free by the way... so potentially I could have them for breakfast if I wanted, and sometimes I do :)

And For the 'Extras'...
* Easy Qi from Dragon Herbs - just learned about this & am elated there is something specific for the back, neck & shoulders!

* I'm boosting up my intake of Vitamin C thru: Truly Vitamin C and Camu Camu Berry - vitamin C sourced from food actually helps speed recovery. Mix it in spring water or add to a smoothie.

* Vitamineral Green, ReVitaPhi, and Earth - if you've ever read this blog, you know I'm nuts over these products, and that's a good thing, because as noted above, they've created a pretty strong resilient body that has the power to reduce inflammation quicker than had I not been made up of these foods.

* Anything with Enzymes: Living food, actual enzyme supplements, and the Island Fire Elixir (which I used to heal my injured / sprained ankle earlier this year) - it has turmeric, colloidal minerals, and Tahitian Noni

* Shots of wheatgrass are not normally part of my routine, but I'm doing 1 oz shots each time I go down to Seattle for the bodywork sessions.


I'm a very low maintenance girl, yet for quite a while I'll have a high maintenance (pretty strict as recommended) regimen. I'm seeing a holistic (non-traditional / non-'cracking' style) chiropractor 4 times per week, a massage therapist 3 times per week, and am doing Bikram yoga (hot yoga - best yoga ever) at least every other day.

I'm spending 3 hours a day, most days per week, doing this bodywork therapy. Had this accident not happened, there's no chance I would have made the time to 'pamper' myself like this. Practicing Bikram yoga consistently has not been my strength despite my deep desire to be a raw yoga girl. And yet now, I am feeling compelled to do Bikram as a key component in my recovery because when I am in that heated room I can do immensely more with my body than when I'm not.

I wonder how in the world I would be able to do all this work on myself if I worked a 9-5 JOB? There's just no chance it would be possible to take this much time away without losing massive money; thank the Goddesses for passive income.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are We Really A Free Country?

What is your first honest reaction? Do you think that the political leaders, law enforcement, government, and Congress are in position to serve and protect for YOUR best interest, or THEIRS? Have you ever wondered why they'd make such an asinine decision to kill off 80% of the world's population by using our food and water against us? Ever question the connection between the unbelievably high rates of degenerative, preventable dis-ease in this country and the processed food and refined sugar industries? Did you know that nutrients have been officially classified as toxins?

To keep yourself informed, I'd suggest watching Codex, a video of a woman speaking about the bill, Codex Alimentarius, that brings awareness to the scary fact that effective December 31, 2009, ALL our food will be irradiated and ALL cows on this planet will be treated with the genetically-engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH) and sub-clinical antibiotics. That means if you eat any meat or daily, you will also be consuming some of the most toxic substances on this planet (and you already are unless you're getting certified organic, hormone and antibiotic free meats and dairy). This law that will be strictly enforced is no safety precaution for us 'free' people; this is an attack on our food supply that will (and quite obviously already has) have devastating effects.

* In March 1995, Idaho State University posted the deceiving answers of the Top 10 FAQ on Food Irradiation. Here are just a couple of the questions & answers from this article:

Are irradiated foods still nutritious? Yes. Irradiated foods are wholesome and nutritious. Who the hell are they kidding?

Does eating irradiated food present long-term health risks? No. Food irradiation has received official international endorsement from the World Health Organization (members include the greatest offenders of our nutritional industry, including pharmaceutical companies and the world's largest pesticide producers, Monsanto). Uh, can you say conspiracy? I am a discerning conspiracy researcher and I do believe this has been planned with mal-intent.

What then is the best way for us to take precautions to ensure our future health? Can irradiated foods be identified in the market / at our grocery stores? Well, sadly, irradiated food cannot be recognized by sight, smell, taste, or feel. So, what are we to do? Start supporting your local farmers at farmer's markets and growing some of your own organic food! I'd say that's the safest way to protect yourself and your family no matter what happens on this anticipated date in December.

This all being said, Codex along with other doom and gloom conspiracies may not come into effect because the powers of love, health, and beauty are accelerating while the desperate elites are potentially losing their agenda.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Population Is Being Controlled By Our Food & Water Supply

I recently watched a few videos that brought even greater awareness to this issue: our processed food and contaminated water, air pollution/chemtrails (, and the government not only knowing about it, but having involvement in it. Gasp. Yes, it's quite possibly true (in my opinion this is intentional & there is a solution) and has been in progress for so many years that most deny or hardly recognize this reality. Yet, I would rather not play the ignorant card, do my own research, and watch and read as much material as possible to keep my own health in my own control. Makes sense, doesn't it? Who'd want to give that away?

Have you heard of Esoteric Agenda? If there is just one movie I could influence you to watch, it would be this one without question. The direct link for you to watch for free is on my friend Rawb's website that will auto play all 13 parts of the movie together: It may be quite shocking to some, yet I found it to be captivating and empowering - watch the whole thing! This movie brings light to issues regarding how the people of this world are greatly influenced by media and intentionally misguided by industries that are making bank off of people's cravings and ignorance. There is so much going on behind the political scenes that we are not made aware of, and things that are intentionally covered up... it's up to YOU to make yourself aware by watching movies like this if you want to survive what they have planned.

Pay very close attention to part 4 and 5 (of 13), where a lady at NANP (National Association of Nutrition Professionals) discusses the facts on what will happen on December 31, 2009 (Codex) - that's just months away! Are you and your families prepared? 3 billion deaths are expected, and 1 billion of them will be through starvation due to lack of economic success (in the eyes of the government). Now you may be thinking... well, we don't have to worry about that - this is America, there's plenty of preserved packaged food to live off of for years (and plenty of obesity to go along with it, yes). But, you have bought into their whole game plan if you believe this. That's exactly the ironic part: It's the food that is killing people. Don't believe me? Check the statistics.

The next 2 billion will die from the preventable dis-eases of under-nutrition (even with all those synthetic supplements). 'Who will live?' she asks... those who are wealthy and powerful enough to have their own clean food and nutrients (you mean grow your own food? And eat superior nutrient-dense food that's been healing people in other countries for thousands of years?). The people of America are being intentionally poisoned through our processed, refined, heavily preserved 'food' and dirty, pharmaceutical-laden, fluoridated water supply.

Our food is void of necessary nutrients and contain 'other' ingredients (didn't read that part of the label?) that I'd gather some have disregarded & trusted that nothing would be put into our food if it were bad for us. Our public water supply is FLUORIDATED (and that's a bad thing - watch part 4), and if you buy plastic water bottles to ensure you are safe from this toxic supply of water, then please know that most water bottles are just tap water re-packaged in leaching plastic. No matter your source of water, there are plans to decrease the amount to which we are allowed. You should really watch this flick if you aren't familiar with what the government is planning.

There's SO MUCH that you can do! This is why I found this video to be so empowering and I feel compelled to show you just how much control you have. I have no intentions to create a vibe of fear - just the opposite! This will lead into a 2nd (maybe 3rd) post, yet 1st let me tell you that by TAKING CONTROL of your OWN HEALTH, you have the power. Don't know what that means? Don't live off of food that is not in its' natural state. Don't know what that means? LIVE ON FOOD THAT GROWS OUT OF THE GROUND, FROM OUR EARTH, THAT WAS INTENDED TO BE EATEN. I would suggest you gain control NOW, so that you aren't one of the people who trusted 'someone else' to handle these issues... who DID NOT have your best interest at heart. Next post, I'll share with you what I am learning about Codex, more on Agenda 21 (depopulation) and everything you should know, NOW.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Raw Mint Chocolate Vanilla Mylkshake

Everyone loves a good milkshake, right? Like the ones we drank as a little kid? Yet as a raw foodie, conventional milk is thankfully not consumed and is in fact the very first thing I recommend people get off of (when ready to eliminate foods) because it's by far the worst offender to the body. If you've been on other raw food blogs, you'll see that many refer to their homemade nut drinks as mylks, and I do as well. You can make any nut mylk (using hemp seeds, almonds, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds - individually or some combination of them) and use it as the base for an entirely guilt-free, yet totally indulgent mylkshake.

The Raw Mint Chocolate Vanilla Mylkshake

* 2-3 cups homemade hemp mylk (or any raw nut mylk) - I dilute w/ some spring water (just a personal preference)
* 1 small to medium frozen banana
* 1 tbsp HealthForce's Vanilla Enhanced Warrior Food (hemp protein powder)
* 1 tsp - 1 tbsp HealthForce's Vanilla Spice MacaForce or plain raw maca powder
* 1 tsp HealthForce's ZeoForce - the zeolite powder (no taste/flavor)
*1 tsp raw cacao powder
* swirl of vanilla infused agave (either pre-bought, or just drop vanilla beans once scraped, into your agave & leave them to infuse)
* small handful raw cacao nibs
* 1/2 vanilla bean (scrape out the insides into your drink)
* couple organic pinches vanilla powder (Mountain Rose Herbs)
* 1/2 cap of organic peppermint extract
* pinch organic stevia extract powder
* pinch Himalayan salt
* ice to chill

Blend on high in the Vita-Mix until thoroughly mixed. Drink chilled and soak in the gorgeous aroma of vanilla! As with all my recipes, if you don't have some of the ingredients, make this anyway! Just work with what you do have and come up with your own creation. If you don't have zeolites or fresh vanilla beans, or you have no worries - it won't make or break this shake (if no vanilla beans, try out vanilla extract). If you don't have all of HealthForce's products, YET, then talk with me about where you can get them in your area and I will find you a local store (or you can shop online; just click on the links I provided).

If you're on Facebook and happen to be friends with Jay Kordich (the Juice Daddy), he recently wrote an excellent article (found in his 'Notes') on making your own hemp mylk. Check it out if you get a chance! He has so much goodness in his Notes section that you could read for hours regarding juicing. He is a man of experience and someone I certainly listen to!

And if for any reason you have not watched this hysterical skit poking fun at Jay and his enthusiasm, watch it: Balance your mylkshakes with fresh vegetable juice and you'll feel stellar all the time!