Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vitamin C Vanilla Elixir

To fortify the immune system and create resilience, make yourself a refreshing elixir throughout the winter. We have the power to never get sick again, and this drink is one surefire way to strengthen your body to resist all the unwanted illnesses that come to the surface especially this time of year.

Vitamin C Vanilla Elixir

1.5 quarts spring water (
1 tbsp Truly Vitamin C (acerola cherry powder) OR 2 tsp camu camu (camu is a bit higher in vitamin C and a bit lower in sugar)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp organic white stevia extract powder (from the NOW brand)
3 pinches of high quality sea salt
handful of ice (made w/ spring water of course)

Optional: 2 drops of organic orange extract (the kind that is a water alcohol and orange oil mix, often found near vanilla extract in a natural foods store).

To make this brew even more tonifying, add 1 cup tonic tea (loose leaf herbs, roots, bark, teas that are decocted, then strained on the stovetop)

Blend on high until frothy and let it settle for a couple minutes. This drink will taste like vanilla cream soda w/ a slight fruity kick (which I was not a fan of when I was a kid, but now, this healthy, tasty version I crave every day).

Friday, November 20, 2009

Autumn Earth Tonic Soup

Autumn is the perfect season to get grounded. The easiest way to do this is by eating sacred healing food (roots, barks, and herbs) that grow straight from the ground, leaving you feeling 'rooted' (thinking feet on the ground), centered, and balanced. Vitamineral Earth by HealthForce Nutritionals is the counterpart to Vitamineral Green (VMG), a live green full-spectrum nutrient-dense Superfood powder blend. The formulation is intended to include everything that didn't go into VMG, providing you with essential fatty acids, fiber, cleansing and highly nutritive roots, barks, and colon detoxifying and supportive foods.

To obtain even more nutrition from Earth, a warming way to consume it is to heat it (although you kill off the probiotics in the formula, you'll get much more phytonutrients, which is what you want). You can do it by making a simple miso soup with Earth in it (1 cup spring water with 1 tbsp Earth on simmer for 20-30 mins - don't strain, add a spoonful of miso and drink the broth). If you're wanting to make dinner out of it though, you can make the recipe below and have a filling, unbelievably delicious meal in 5 minutes or less on a cold autumn (and winter) night.

This recipe is based on Truth Calkin's Tonic Soup (a video exclusive to The Best Day Ever) and modified by Christian Bates (raw chef extraordinaire and co-founder and formulator for WildBar - the best raw cacao Superfood bar on the planet).

Autumn Earth Tonic Soup (all raw, vegan, organic, and wildcrafted)

1.5 cups spring water
1.5 cups tonic herbal tea (pau d'arco, chanca pierda, rhodiola, astragulus root, burdock root, kava kava, cat's claw, horsetail, nettle leaf or root, oatstraw, noni leaf, alfalfa)
1 tbsp Earth
2 tbsp miso (South River brand in glass)
2 tbsp coconut oil
1/2 stalk celery
2 cloves garlic
1-1.5 tbsp kelp powder
pinch of habanero or cayenne
sprinkle of turmeric powder
sprinkle of chia seeds and hemp seeds
sprinkle cordyceps mushroom powder

Blend on high until very creamy in a Vita-Mix.

Top with diced avocado, sprinkle of black peppercorn, and sprinkle of fresh parsley. Don't leave out the avocado - there's something about adding it on top that adds to the creaminess and nourishing sensation of this tonic soup.

Optional: quirt of Kyolic's aged garlic extract liquid and a small squeeze of lemon.

If you're new to nutrition at this high level, be mindful that this soup will deeply nourish your nervous system, leaving you in a pleasant, yet sometimes intense, state of inner peace and calm. Experience it yourself... get grounded with Earth!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is There Inner Conflict In The Raw Food Movement?

While standard Americans are arguing over what chunk of the cow/pig/chicken is tastiest or healthiest, or if fish is really considered meat, those of us in the raw food movement have conflicting opinions as well and aren't afraid to communicate them. This post is not a direct response to a recent Facebook attack on me (and other living Superfoodists), but one where I would like to openly share my perception about the behind the scenes of this immensely bright movement that is sweeping the world. We ARE growing (thank heavens) and therefore so are the (unnecessary) bashings. While some may not be 'bashings' - some are, against people, against certain foods, and who knows what else.

I am of the belief that to create the paradise on Earth that the raw foodists desire, there needs to be more acceptance of everyone outside of themselves. Placing judgment on others can be easy to do if their choices are different than ours, but does it really get us anywhere? NO. Does it make us feel right? Could be, but that's a lame excuse to judge. Does it make us superior or better than someone else? Of course not. But... although it's presence is relatively small, the conflicting energy is still present.

This list is extensive and I'm sure there's more, but just because... (read below) does not make person A better than person B (or B better than A).

they eat handfuls of bananas a day and someone else feels their hybridized and super high glycemic and won't touch them...

they eat only fruit and someone else thinks that's the most depleted diet of all...

they follow a diet that calculates percentages and someone else thinks that's total insanity to count anything...

they eat only fruits and vegetables and someone else chooses to also eat nuts, seeds, salt, algae, or seaweeds...

they eat only fresh fruit and someone else eats frozen fruit w/ a possibility of less nutrients...

they like to juice their produce and someone else thinks juice is sugar water...

they drink their fresh juice alone and someone else adds a green powder to it...

they drink distilled water and someone else harvests their own spring water...

they take tinctures of ant extract and deer antler and someone else thinks it's gross and toxic...

they eat only food that grows out of their garden and someone else buys from their local co-op or grocery store...

they eat agave nectar and think it's low glycemic and someone else thinks it processes like high fructose corn syrup...

they feel that raw chocolate (cacao) is detrimental or toxic to health and someone else feels it contains therapeutic amounts of minerals & neurotransmitter chemicals, and can be used like a tonic...

they eat all raw fruits and vegetables and someone else eats and thrives on raw Superfoods...

We, as the most progressive people on the planet, must come together and SUPPORT each other no matter where we are on the journey! Who cares if your friend (in-person or online) eats food that you don't? Who cares if they thrive on foods that you are totally against? What does it matter? When we KNOW what is right for our body, it's easy to say it would be the same for someone else. I'm paid to do this in my nutrition strategy sessions with clients, but that is people asking for the vast amount of information that will allow THEM to make the best choice that is right for them.

This is so easy: if you don't believe something you hear, or it doesn't resonate with you, let it go! There's no need to retaliate or criticize, no matter how right you think you are. And if you don't like what I say, then don't read this.

#1 GUIDELINE for lifestyle changes: Listen only to those who are achieving the results that you want for yourself. Our bodies change over time, so find someone who you admire now, mimic their actions, and you'll get what they have - and then adapt as you grow and your choices change (which seems to happen as the years pass). Choose wisely though, because if you diligently follow what a truly successful (raw) foodie does, you'll very likely create that reality for yourself (then celebrate!). When I sold my raw Superfood skincare line, I'd honestly say, If you don't think I have beautiful skin - don't buy my products!

#2 GUIDELINE: Stand up for what you believe and don't let someone make you feel as though you are 'wrong' - you are exactly where you need to be, right now (even if it changes later). I find that when I listen to those who say things with conviction, I get the best results... likely because it is those who are strong in their stance (and full of vitality and invincible health), that have reached the level of health that most people only dream of.

Come together... don't bridge yourself... stop the judgment and name-calling, make friends, not enemies... and love that each of us is individual and that is what makes us all beautiful and perfect - just as we are. Act as though peace and love emanate everywhere and that it was our acceptance of one another that brought us to this beautiful paradise!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tootsie Rawls and Raw Nog - Holiday Treats

I came across versions of these recipes last fall ... they are not recipes created by me, but whoever did make them did a fabulous job! I typically adapt recipes that I find in raw preparation books or that I find online to make them my own - usually I do this by adding in more Superfoods (like adding in the ReVitaPhi). Try out these basic recipes first and adapt them if you find something that would make a great addition. If you do find the perfect missing ingredient - post it in the comments please!

Tootsie Rawls

1 cup raw cacao powder
1/2 cup mesquite powder
1/2 cup raw almond butter
3/4 cup raw agave nectar (or other sweetener of choice)
2 tbsp lucuma powder
1 tbsp vanilla (extract and/or powder)
pinch salt a and dash of ReVitaPhi
2 tbsp fo-ti (optional)

Mix in a food processor until well-blended and stiff. Stir down as needed from the side walls. Put in a bowl and knead in more lucuma until the mixture is no longer sticky. Roll into logs (Rawls) and store in the freezer. If you have parchment paper, you can wrap the Tootsie Rawls, twist the ends, and give them away as tasty gifts!

Raw Nog

2 cups homemade nut mylk (almond, Brazil nut, pumpkin or hemp seeds)
6 pitted dates
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp cardamom or 1/4 tsp cloves (or a mix of both)
1/4 tsp nutmeg
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
pinch salt

Blend well. This one is so tasty, you'll likely want to make it several times per week throughout the autumn season.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Win a Gift Certificate for Raw, Organic Superfoods!

This is a personal offer from me to you because although it's the holiday season right around the corner, there's no better time than the present to take control of your own health. By mastering your own health and creating your own economy, there's no way to lose. Plus, this time of year is all about indulgence and so I expect you'll want some sweet and scrumptious Superfood treats to keep handy at all times.

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I'd say that's worth shooting for. That's gives you $50 worth of Superfoods for $0. Plus, you have no idea what will come of you taking this step to create the life you deserve and have been wanting for so long.

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Got questions about any of this? Email me at Also, feel free to check out these sites created just for you by David Avocado Wolfe: and if you're a healthcare practitioner: The winner with the highest retail order will be notified on Dec 1. If/when you do sign-up as a distributor, I'll contact you to do a free Superfood training session to learn how to use all the products like a pro, as well as on how to build your biz to a super rawkin' level and live a life of abundance and bliss!