Saturday, January 2, 2010

1 Drink That Will Skyrocket Your Health

Sweet Blue Sea

- 100% Organic Raw Camu Camu Powder (Ultimate Superfoods) - approx 1 tsp
- Truly Vitamin C (HealthForce Nutritionals) - approx 1 tbsp
- MSM powder (Sunfood Nutrition) - approx 1 tsp
- Elixir of the Lake (HealthForce Nutritionals) - approx 1/2 tsp
- Marine Phytoplankton (Elements for Life / - few drops
- Raw Vanilla Bean Powder (Ultimate Superfoods) - couple pinches
- Celtic Sea Salts / Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt - big pinch
- Organic White Extract Stevia Powder (NOW brand) - 1 tsp - 1 tbsp (to taste)

Bonus Option: Add Fruits of the Earth (approx 1 tsp) (HealthForce Nutritionals) which will provide enormous amounts of anti-oxidants to eliminate free radical damage (signs of aging), green grasses to clean the bloodstream (without any green taste!), massive amounts of probiotcs (43 billion strains, and total count) to heal the digestive system and allow greater nutrient absorption for clear skin. Keep in mind that many skin issues are rooted in digestive troubles.

Master Level Option:
1) Add tinctures of horsetail, burdock, nettles / beauty elixirs: Chinese herbal extracts (Mountain Rose Herbs, Shaman Shack, or homemade versions)

In parenthesis, I've listed where I source my ingredients for this Youthening drink to help you find the best prices!

The #1 shining star of this recipe is the Vitamin C (from camu camu powder & acerola cherries from Truly Vitamin C). When you eat food or drinks that are naturally high in vitamin C, you will experience these results; the same cannot be said for ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is the synthetic version that will never give you the benefits listed below, no matter the megadose you take.

Expect this perfectly sweet elixir of life to:

* Strengthen your immune system dramatically
* Create flawless skin and a youthful appearance
* Drastically improve skin concerns (especially psoriasis, eczema, acne)
* Improve vision naturally over time
* Give you lustrous hair with gorgeous shine and gloss
* Raise your serotonin levels (great for seasonal affective disorder / the winter blues)
* Boost recovery rates of any kind (mental = depression, all the way to physical = out of surgery)
* Speed healing of first aid issues, such as cuts, scrapes, bruising, wounds

I like to make almost a full pitcher size in the Vita-Mix, each morning. There is no serving size and you can drink as much as you'd like. Store in the fridge for a chilled drink later in the day and carry some with you in a glass jar whenever you head out the door!

The Sweet Blue Sea feels nourishing, deeply hydrating, and truly will skyrocket your health. Just get in the habit now and drink it on a consistent basis - create the morning ritual and have it ready for you throughout the day. Kick start 2010 with a robust immune system and commit to doing whatever it takes to keep your body resilient and strong.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Do You Fear Getting Fat?

If you fear packing on the pounds, my suggestion is to let that go immediately and make it your New Years Resolution. Making decisions regarding health should not be based in fear. Decisions to prevent disease is fine I suppose, but I'd rather decide to be outrageously healthy because it feels amazing now, and avoiding all illness and dis-ease is the natural result (and bonus!) of these mindful choices.

Weight is such a touchy subject with women and it can make so many of us feel uncomfortable in our own skin. Yet, if you are making progress with your eating habits and constantly searching, reading, listening, and saturating yourself with health-promoting material, then THAT is what counts. The rest will fall into place in time if you're studying the right material.

If you want to take more control though and are feeling impatient, then juice. Add a fresh green vegetable juice to your diet EVERY SINGLE DAY and you will experience such weight loss and easy weight management that you won't believe your eyes.

When I began living the raw food lifestyle 2 years ago, I didn't have much weight to lose (if any, between 1-5 lbs). I was already super health-conscious and had been eating Superfoods for 6 years prior which had given me an effortless balance in my body in countless ways. However, what I did realize was that my body started to really take a different shape! This occurred without great effort in thinking about how to look thinner, more lean, and taller. For the 1st time EVER, I had a flat stomach and less fat and cellulite on my thighs!

Those who knew me in my early 20s know that I used to weigh 20-25 lbs more than I currently do. This is directly related to living an entirely different lifestyle that initiated with better eating habits. Until I began eating a high raw diet (90-100%), there was always struggle and frustration (we all have areas we're 'working on'). I did not realize that there was a way of eating (cliche but ever so true - a 'lifestyle') that would allow me to eat all I wanted - ideally with proper food combining. I could now have a similar body to the one I had before hormones, laziness, and poor food choices took over.

I bring up my background with this because fear was always present - I did not want to gain weight when I was younger and it was something I thought about often. Instead of focusing what I DID want, I made choices that were because I knew what I didn't want to be. I did not have this retrospect of course until I ate living food and became more conscious (which was yet another surprise of the sexy, fun lifestyle). You have to decide who you want to be, in addition to who you don't want to be!

When you are brought back to your natural weight through eating raw and living food, you can eat without being concerned about calories, fat grams, carbs, sodium, etc. on the label (because there are very few labels & they don't matter anyway!). Give yourself the chance to experience this freedom from obsessive, destructive thought patterns that lead to disappointment. Make it your resolution to live your best life yet ~ Only put food into your body that truly feeds you and gives you life.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Homemade Raw Chocolate Recipe

This time of year, everyone is indulging in chocolates. Making raw chocolates instead of the processed, cooked (all chocolate is cooked unless it says 'raw'), refined & sugar-laden chocolates, can allow you to feel guilt-free while still sharing your sweetness with loved ones. Remember, eating raw food is not about deprivation; I find the raw lifestyle to actually allow guilt-free indulgence while infusing your cells with life force and nutrition.

Main Ingredients:
1 cup raw cacao powder
1 cup raw cacao butter
1/2 cup clear agave
1-2 tbsp raw almond butter
pinch Celtic salt (or mix of highly mineralized salts)
Optional Ingredients, yet use them if you have them!
pinch of white stevia extract powder
pinch vitamin E tocotrienols
pinch blue green algae

Blend in a Vita-Mix ideally (it may warm gently which is fine - you want it to be a thinner consistency for easy pouring) or in a food processor (smaller bowl inside the bigger bowl unless you double or triple the recipe). I've found the VM to work best. Pour into ice cube trays or cute molds and chill until frozen.

Keep this recipe simple the first few times you make it and experiment with different versions after you've gotten a solid recipe that you can default to in the future.

Raw chocolate on it's own has no sugar, but of course the clear agave brings the sweetness to this recipe. I'm personally not doing much agave recently as a personal experiment, but having a liquid sweetener for this recipe is needed. From my understanding, the raw clear agave is the healthiest agave available in comparison to the others on the market.

Monday, December 21, 2009

3 Secrets to Becoming an Edible Goddess

The 3 Secrets to Becoming an Edible Goddess~

1) Value yourself more than anything else. Put yourself first. Don't compromise when it comes to making decisions that effect your health and future. Make health your #1 priority. Do whatever it takes to master this lesson that will pay you back in ways you cannot even imagine. Realize that your best self and body image is just a few, yet profound decisions away.

2) Don't put a price tag on health. Stop buying the cheapest items just because of the lower price. Shift from analyzing and comparing prices and focus on the value the food brings to you. Not everything super healthy has to have a super hefty price tag, however, know that many times you pay for what you get in regard to food (example: conventional vs organic) and it's well worth it. If you continue to look first at prices, then it may be a good time to shift your mindset and realize that you pay now, or later. Put your cash into the highest quality foods and you'll reap the highest level of health, guaranteed.

3) Always continue to learn the most cutting edge nutrition information. Find people to model whose philosophies resonate with you and follow (immerse yourself in) their work. Check out The Best Day Ever to have access to the most progressive thinking in this field. Work on yourself until you achieve mastery, and then open your mind to acceptance of learning even more. I have found the most effective health strategies, products, and approaches are less known by the public, yet have quite the loyal following within certain conscious-minded circles.

Surround yourself by those you admire, want to model, and who have reached the level of health you are desiring. Please don't accept less than the absolute best of the best if you're wanting the most outrageously phenomenal benefits. Invest time, money, and great effort to all things that strike a cord with you when you hear of them. Take a look around you and observe what everyone else is doing; do the opposite.

I wish all my readers the most amazing health and success in 2010! I'm here to support you in any way that I can and will be offering much more in the coming year. Keep your eye out for a book to be released, possibly in January (volume 3 of Thank God I, with Jack Canfield!), an eBook (Using Superfoods to Unleash the Edible Goddess Within), nutrition strategy tele-seminars, and a brand new monthly eZine that will deliver my most private raw, edible skincare recipes and the 'how-to' of creating your own! There is more to come, but I'll leave it at that for now.

The Edible Goddess blog will continue to be all about empowering women to reclaim their confidence and feel comfortable and sexy in their own skin by using the best strategies ever. Raw and living foods (fresh, high mineral produce, nuts/seeds, sprouts, seaweeds), Superfoods (raw chocolate, MSM, maca, blue green algae, Superfood green powder blends), Superherbs (medicinal mushrooms, nettles, alfalfa, horsetail, pau d'arco, astragalus, ginseng & so many more), juicing (primarily vegetables), spring water, deep self love and respect, and activity you cannot get enough of - these are the components of the best health ever!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Take Control of Your Health in the New Year!

There's no better time than the present for taking control of your own health. If you don't do so now, and if you choose to wait or put it off until 'later', then you may just be out of luck. Your health will suffer greatly unless you commit to making 2010 your best year ever. We are in a time where these choices cannot be postponed unless you want to succumb to the ever-present illness, dis-ease, and sickness. I'd say that's a life of compromise and that we can do a lot better than this; we should not accept less than health-mastery for ourselves.

Top 7 Reasons To Take Control of Your Health, today! These are not in a specific order and the list could really be in the hundreds.

1) There's a whole other level of health that most people have no idea exists. If only everyone knew how phenomenal 'good health' can really be! Absence of sickness or dis-ease is not health; mastering health means you eliminate the possibility of ever getting sick again and feeling radiantly alive all the time. Yes, read that again if you need to.

When you shift to this new paradigm (it really is an entire new way of thinking and living), your world will immensely change for the better and you will be living the best life ever! You'll never be able to turn back to your old ways of living.

2) To disconnect yourself from the synthetic pill-pushing pharmaceutical industry that perpetuates sickness in innocent people. Take Superfoods to replenish nutrient deficiencies, restore your health, and heal the body. Understand that it is not a magic pill that will 'cure' you, but using food as your medicine that will hold this great power. Now, that is magic!

3) There is nothing more empowering than having control of your own health. You could have all the riches in the world, but if you are struggling to maintain optimal well-being, then everything else has less meaning. Being in control just feels different than allowing someone (like some unknown guy who gets paid the big bucks to heat-compress chemicals, fillers, binders, and/or isolated nutrients foreign to the human body to resell for profit) to make decisions for you.

This sounds obvious, but there is influence surrounding us in the media, corporate world, and from those who have deeper interests other than you. You really need to look at some one's intentions when they appear to want to help you - what will they gain from it? What is their ultimate goal, really? Is their life's work as a healer, or profiteer?

Empower yourself to never look back, only forward, and to make the decision now - just one choice could change your life forever. Go create your happily ever after.

4) Parasites are among us. The cleaner we eat, the more we detox, the less of a hold they have on us. Those that have reached the level of awareness after greatly reducing the parasites know that they negatively affect our mental and physical health to degrees that are almost impossible to believe. I'm not just talking about parasites with visual symptoms; I'm referring also to semi-chronic ones that are hidden (like nanobacteria), among us all, and that cause stress and irrational behavior.

5) So that you can pay it forward and contribute to those ready to receive this information. Once you have it, you'll likely have a burning desire to share it - we are here to be of service, right?! Not everyone wants, is ready, or has a desire to be the best they can be (and that's fine, for them) - so seek out those who have the same ideals as you and unite, bond together, and collaborate ways to positively influence large numbers of people. Think big.

6) Making conscious decisions about your health ultimately leads to living the most fun and sexiest lifestyle on the planet. Everyone who is here (livin' the conscious life) knows what I am talking about. This IS the best life ever... and you won't get sick of hearing that phrase (Have The Best Day Ever!) once you're at this level. I used to get annoyed by this one so I know that health influences the acceptance of idealistic standards.

7) You are what you eat - don't we all know that? Yet who truly listens and follows this guidance 100% of the time? Let the principle of pain vs pleasure inspire you to connect with your true self, your spirit, and your grounded inner angel. The combination of feeling good all the time and super-longevity is the destiny of humanity, so why not live by the Universal Rule: You Are What You Eat... just see what happens!

This list is for those who wish to take no excuses for themselves; who want the absolute best for themselves; who have high self-value and refuse to accept less; who believe their body is a temple that deserves the best foods ever; who continue to strive for health-mastery even when they've achieved health beyond their wildest dreams; and, for those that are part of this conscious awakening (conscious eating brings awareness, clarity, and purpose like nothing else) and are here to create paradise where love, acceptance, and abundance abound, everywhere.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Raw, Organic, Superfood Diet for Animals

JavaDog at 10 weeks (he'll be 4 yrs young on 1/25/2010)

As a fully devoted and dedicated living Superfoodist, I feel that our closest friends and family members, our beloved animals, deserve the best food ever just as we do. It's important to give them the highest quality food, treats, and bones available. Providing our furry friends with *wild* food will do the same thing that eating raw foods does for humans - prevent illness and dis-ease, automatically reduce inflammation, and strengthen the immune system (and all other systems) naturally. There are countless reasons to feed your animals the raw food diet and what I've mentioned is hardly touching on the benefits.

JavaDog and EmmyCat are my best furry friends and I refuse to compromise what I feed them just as much as I do for myself. It would not be in line with my values if I fed myself the best foods ever, and then gave them processed kibble or canned food. In the wild, animals do not have can openers to open canned food or processing facilities to create their kibble. I like to give them food that gets as close to the kind of food that they'd have if they were foraging food themselves in the wild.

Dogs can apparently thrive and be vegetarians, whereas cats are natural carnivores; each have different nutrition requirements. Yet, after a great amount of research, I've come to the conclusion that feeding both dogs and cats raw meat with vegetables and (if you want your animals to be Super Animal Heros, then also Superfoods) is their ideal diet. Just like with my food choices, things can change, but for the most part their diet is consistent and they happily devour every little morsel I feed them.

And so, I feed my sweet animals (who drink only fresh spring water when at home):

JavaDog - AKA: the most beautiful, special dog ever (80 lbs of muscle)
* Primal Pet Foods, variety of flavors for maximum nutrition (2 lbs daily)
* Avocado (1/2 of one plus spoonfuls of my homemade Creamy Dreamy Green Goddess Dressing)
* Salmon Oil (1 pump per meal)
* Coconut Oil (every so often, but not daily)
* Green Mush: animal version of HealthForce's Vitamineral Green; (1 spoonful per meal)
* Blue Green Algae (sprinkle in most, but not all meals)
* Marine Phytoplankton (1/2 droppersful per meal)
* Deer Antler Velvet from Surthrival (few drops daily)
* Zeolites to remove heavy metals: daily squirt (1/2 droppersful) of liquid and sometimes additional powder from HealthForce;
* Mushroom powder: currently New Chapter's Host Defense, but soon to be a homemade mix of shrooms; 4 capsules per meal to remedy tick bites now that we live in CA
* Snacks - WildSide Salmon Treats, free-range bully sticks, and raw bones

EmmyCat - AKA: Princess of the Palace (7-8 lbs of cuddle to the max) ~
* Primal Pet Foods, variety (1-2 tbsp per meal) - she also catches birds, mice, etc - the typical wild Superkitty behavior
* Salmon Oil (1 pump per meal)
* Green Mush - tiny sprinkling (too much and she won't eat it, so we've got to disguise it w/ the salmon oil & bonito flakes)
* Blue Green Algae (pinch)
* Marine Phytoplankton (1-2 drops per meal)
* Deer Antler Velvet (1 drop per meal)
* Zeolites to remove heavy metals (few drops per meal)
* Mushroom powder (pinch)
* Snacks - WildSide Salmon Treats, bonito flakes and organic catnip (we even got seeds for catnip to plant this Spring for Emmy!)

Sure, the consideration of cost is an issue for many, but I firmly believe that we (animals included) either pay now or later (ok - they don't technically 'pay' the $$, but you get what I mean). It makes no sense to feed them processed crap and then medicate them later because they've gotten some health problem that could have been prevented if enough attention was given to their true needs. Cost will always be the excuse for many, and if that's what stands between you and stellar health, then I suggest you re-visit your priorities and really take a look at where you spend your money (every dollar) to see if there are ANY unnecessary spending habits that come between you and a budget that allows for top-notch food and supplements (aka: raw foods and Superfoods).

Other brand names that I know and love (and have used previously) are: Nature's Variety (tho not organic but less expensive), Natural Pet Pantry (Seattle), and Darwin's Pet Delivery (Seattle).

Remember, you (or your animals) don't have to buy/use/consume every single thing listed above, every single day. I rotate what I give them and these are products I take myself so they are typically on hand (and I get much of it at wholesale). Begin with 1 thing (and I'd suggest Green Mush as the #1 supplement for animals, by far) and gradually rotate in the rest. You and your furry friends can master health and promote longevity; reap the benefits both NOW and LATER!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vitamin C Vanilla Elixir

To fortify the immune system and create resilience, make yourself a refreshing elixir throughout the winter. We have the power to never get sick again, and this drink is one surefire way to strengthen your body to resist all the unwanted illnesses that come to the surface especially this time of year.

Vitamin C Vanilla Elixir

1.5 quarts spring water (
1 tbsp Truly Vitamin C (acerola cherry powder) OR 2 tsp camu camu (camu is a bit higher in vitamin C and a bit lower in sugar)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp organic white stevia extract powder (from the NOW brand)
3 pinches of high quality sea salt
handful of ice (made w/ spring water of course)

Optional: 2 drops of organic orange extract (the kind that is a water alcohol and orange oil mix, often found near vanilla extract in a natural foods store).

To make this brew even more tonifying, add 1 cup tonic tea (loose leaf herbs, roots, bark, teas that are decocted, then strained on the stovetop)

Blend on high until frothy and let it settle for a couple minutes. This drink will taste like vanilla cream soda w/ a slight fruity kick (which I was not a fan of when I was a kid, but now, this healthy, tasty version I crave every day).