Monday, January 26, 2009

Guilt-Free Indulgence: Superfood Fudge

To all those that have asked (and those that adore chocolate), here is the recipe I make on a regular basis to delight that chocolate craving of mine. When I was in college, my grandma used to periodically send me shoeboxes full of homemade fudge, and although they were made w/ Fluff (do you remember that stuff?), butter, and eggs, I loved them. Unintentionally, I am taking over her reputable role as a talented fudge maker and plan to ship this yummy dessert to my young nieces (who are not fed any raw or superfoods), and my own little ones (none as of yet though) once in college to carry on the tradition!

I used to make a really nice vegan fudge, and now that I'm high raw, this raw recipe is my new favorite! It tastes a world better than any previous version I've ever tried (and when I give it to others, no one can believe it's raw!). I made the fudge for my first Superfood Tasting Party held at my place yesterday afternoon. It was a meeting of like-minded individuals that are making conscious decisions in their life to enhance their health and well-being. I made some amazing connections and am grateful I got over my hesitation (probably fear driven) and finally started this group!

Thanks to Lenette with Go Raw Have Fun for the superfood fudge recipe idea!

Superfood Fudge - Mint Flavored

1/3 cup raw almond butter
1/4 cup coconut oil
2 T cacao powder
1 T cacao nibs
1 tsp Revitaphi
1 tsp Vanilla Spice MacaForce
1 tsp Blue Green Algae
1 tsp lucuma powder
1 tsp mesquite powder
1/2 tsp Cordyceps
1 capful peppermint extract

Oh! For those that are interested in knowing how my ankle is doing, it is healing quite well! I was able to stand on it for hours yesterday without a break and it wasn't throbbing in the evening. Looking it at, you wouldn't even be able to tell it was swollen to twice its size just a few days ago!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Putting Island Fire to the Test

If you've been following my Tweets lately, you'll notice that I've been mentioning the Elements for Life product, Island Fire, quite a bit. I have been taking 2 tablespoons in the afternoon (diluted with water so it can be enjoyed longer) for a spicy kick and sustained energy throughout the entire evening. What I noticed immediately was that I've become more clear in my thinking and have been able to concentrate, focus, and work for extended periods tirelessly. Now keep in mind that I am also starting most of my days with Gold Rush (24 Karat liquid Gold), and the mental clarity (plus creativity and imagination) is certainly related to to this, but it's been the Island Fire that revs me up ready to tackle all projects on the ever-growing to-do list.

Just about a week ago in Bikram yoga, I must've twisted my left ankle while overextending myself in one of the poses (possibly in the early part of the standing series). Oddly, I didn't notice inflammation or swelling, or experience any pain, until 3 days later when I returned from a leisurely 3 mile walk around Greenlake Park. Why is it that right when I make the commitment to be more consistently active, which has always been struggle for me, that one of the main joints on my body is in poor condition to do so? Is the universe telling me I should just kick up my feet and give up? No way! Being who I am (a proud Living Superfoodist striving for equal dedication to exercise), I reach for raw foods, fresh juices, green smoothies (new love for this!), medicinal herbs, and superfoods to see how resilient I've become by living this pure lifestyle.

My self-determined protocol for super speedy healing and recovery:

* 1/2 a pineapple a day (either freshly cut or dropped into a green smoothie)

* frozen organic cherries in my superfood smoothies

* Enzyme therapy with HealthForce's Digestion Enhancement Enzymes (providing all enzymes)

* Arnica pellets throughout the day

* Truly Vitamin C (which from FOOD, not synthetic ascorbic acid, immensely speeds recovery of ANY kind - physical and mental trauma)

* Turmeric powder (from Mountain Rose Herbs) added to my Superfood cacao smoothies

* Maha Vishgarbha oil (from Tattva's Herbs, some local friends who created an Ayurvedic herbal company)

* A homemade salve that relieves muscle soreness and inflammation

* Island Fire (a live enzyme Tonic Elixir with 140 + Bio-Active Enzymes, Raw Tahitian Noni Juice, Raw Hawaiian Turmeric Juice (olena), Raw Ginger Juice, Meyer Lemon Juice, Spices, colloidal plant and ocean sourced ionic minerals, including rare trace elements (gold, platinum, silver, and Indium).

* MSM powder - naturally occuring form of dietary sulfur

I've been gradually implementing this protocol and will pay great attention to what is working and how quickly I get results. This supercharged regimen allowed me to perserve through yoga this morning. You might think I'm nuts to have gone to yoga class with one working ankle, but I missed the heated room and everything else about it. I said I'd be happy even if I stayed in Savasana the entire time, which fortunately was not the case. We'll see how my body feels tomorrow!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Using Herbs to Eliminate Nutrient Deficiencies

I'm asked every single day about vitamins and minerals and how optimal daily needs can be met. Most want to find an inexpensive way to remedy deficiencies and fill in the gaps between their refined sugar, caffeinated energy drinks and lifeless Healthy Choice frozen meals. How can we address and resolve this question?

One day a week I work at an 'integrative' pharmacy (that's another post) and my genuine heartfelt response to the vitamin/mineral question is to refer them to herbs and medicinal teas. It's unlikely the corporate pill-pushers want me around because of my minimal contribution to rising synthetic supplement sales! When people have a real need, I try to convey what was already present prior to the convenience of vitamin shops, supplements, and pills. Beautiful Nature - herbs, plants, roots, barks, greens - we have been given all that we need to keep our body emotionally, psychologically, and physically balanced and resilient. However, some have been steered so far away from a natural diet by a culture constantly whispering in our ear that 'food' comes in a box, can, or package, all of which is in an adultered state. Supplementing has become a perceived magic bullet to remedy the detrimental effects of processed and refined foods the people I talked with won't live without (cooked addiction).

I would much rather be unconventional and eat raw and living foods, build resilience with adaptogenic herbs, and reach superior health with superfoods. In my conversations with these desperate individuals (this is not a judgment, it's the reality of what I've witnessed), I think my approach comes across quite clear through the passion in which I talk, but most people really just want the short answer, quick fix, and to be on their way to Starbucks. I may be a poor synthetic supplement salesperson because I honestly want for others to grasp the enormous potential of pure food and superfood boosted living. I've been told countless times during my Superfood Education sessions (whether at HealthForce demos or in Healing Wellness Programs), that I can sell absolutely anything - if I wholeheartedly believe in it. To me, that's not selling - that's sharing and healing.

In Mountain Rose Herbs' January newsletter, there was a phenomenal article written titled 'Just Say No to Synthetic Vitamins and Processed Foods!' and I really recommend you read it. I love that this information is available to us! It's just a matter of making ourselves aware, keeping informed of the truth, and following the ancient herbal wisdom.

My favorite herbal remedy is a delicious thirst-quenching blend I call Stunning Skin Medicinal Tea. This inexpensive blend includes nettles, alfalfa, horsetail, burdock root, noni, oat straw, and red clover blossoms. This is also the blend that I use to infuse the organic olive oil I use in my Body Silks. As you'll read in the article link above, these herbs offer a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals - all in a highly bioavailable form our body recognizes and therefore absorbs. You'll replenish your reserves of vitamin A, B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (panothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), B12 (cyanocobalamin), and vitamin C, D, E, and K. Minerals, such as calcium, chromium, iron, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, potassium, selenium, sulfur, and zinc, are abundant as well. Who would have thought?

Cultivate health by adding herbs:
- as an infusion steeped overnight (add hot water to small handful of herbs and steep 6-12 hours for maximum potency) - it doesn't taste like medicine, but it is medicinal
- as your smoothie's liquid base - immensely healing
- as an herbal hair rinse in the shower
- in the bath (small muslin bag of herbs draped under spout) - soak and absorb the benefits through your skin
- in homemade skin care formulas in place of flower water (as the liquid part of a clay masque)

I typically make the tea every few days, store it in fridge, and enjoy it in these ways throughout my week. Comment on your experience and results! Do you use herbs in any other way?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Intentions and Opportunities (Part 2)

Here I go ready to publicly announce more intentions for the year 2009. Continuation from last post:

6) By this Spring, I plan to be a regular vendor at the Sunday Farmer's Market in Ballard. I would like to be already, but have run into an unexpected snafu. Upon handing over my filled out paperwork, I learned that the Dept. of Agriculture sometimes makes visits to the markets to make sure everyone is abiding by the rules/regulations. Because the name of my skincare line is currently Organic Healing Skincare, I may run into problems if they see me and all my marketing materials, without an organic certification (even though the ingredients are certified organic themselves). I have some choices: I could chance it (they and other vendors recommend this) - and if they show, tell them I have begun the certification process and cover up everything that says 'organic', I could change the skincare name (ugh, headache, but still a big possibility), or I could not be a vendor at the markets. I have no idea what's in the cards for this one. Ah, a crossroads. I would love to to build local support for the skincare line and jump through this one hurdle. I'm open to receiving feedback on this one, and if you have any name ideas, forward them along!

7) I will be exhibiting at the Seattle Green Festivals on March 28-29 and have secured a wonderful booth because I signed up so early. I'll post the booth # as the event gets closer, but you can expect to see me right next to the Festival Sponsors! You'll be able to experience Organic Healing as 2 Raw Spirit Festivals this year: Santa Barbara, CA (June 5-7) and Prescott, AZ (Sept 26-27). These events are definitely the best gatherings in existence - an absolute must if you feel drawn by the living foods and superfoods movement (which I gather you are if you're reading my blog!). At all 3 festivals (and maybe even more), you'll get to sample (and purchase) the recent talk of the town - Elements for Life products. This way, you can beautify internally and externally - the best remedy for flawless stunning skin.

8) Last month I did a Special Skincare Offer and it was wildly successful. I will now take some time to refine a few of my handcrafted products and will not be doing the Special Offer this month as I expected. I received really wonderful constructive feedback (except for the 1 person who took advantage of the offer and broke the mutual agreement - shame on you, that's really bad karma) and will be working as always to refine, re-formulate, and perfect, making the very best healing skincare creations ever. I intend to have a similar Special Offer again and will make the announcement when the time is right!

9) Bumping up the frequency that I do self-guided detoxification programs (juice cleanses, 1 day a week liquid/blended food only fasts, the HealthForce Healing Cleanse) and routine activity (for the winter, it's all about Bikram hot yoga, running, and hiking). I have been wanting to do weekly juice fasts, and will be starting this week! My healthy eating habits come naturally; I do believe we all have the innate knowing of what to consume for superior health.

10) The last intention I'll list here is to continue to passionately spread the word of Superfoods, raw foods, cleansing, juicing, and medicinal herbs - all to heal the body, inside and out. My raw food classes and workshops will be starting up in the coming months in Seattle (and maybe even beyond).

I hope you've created a list for yourself as I have and are ready to jump on board to an enlightened way of living. Don't let anything stop you, and please, don't compromise yourself.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Bethanne's Intentions/Opportunities 2009 (Part 1)

New opportunities are coming at me left and right, and I'll lay much of it right here so we can see what I'm up to these days together!

1) I've just organized the brand new Seattle Superfood Nutrition Meet-up Group and am amazed at the amount of members flocking to sign up! I'm not sure why, but I had been procrastinating creating this group (fear of .. ?) - and now that I have, I'm elated to see all of us join together in honor of the best foods on the planet (Superfoods, of course)! It's REALLY exciting right this very minute as the emails pour in for new member sign-ups!! Woo hoo! This seems to be an ideal way to build local community, share what I do, and meet more like-minded friends. We'll treat ourselves to my personal fav chocolate blendies, raw cacao desserts (superfood fudge, for sure), shots of Gold Rush, superfood snickety-snacks, and marine phytoplankton, until we drop. All creations will be homemade, raw, organic, superfood-loaded to the rim, and beaming with beauty! Check out the link and join us for our 1st Meet-up on Sunday Jan 25, at my house:

2) As a holiday gift to myself, I joined the Elements for Life Superhero Team! I watched the 2 videos and immediately knew this was THE opportunity that would mesh perfectly well with everything else I am doing. It was an obvious decision for me: I eat superfoods every day and therefore much appreciate getting them at wholesale (who says you can't save mass cash on a raw/living/superfood diet?). The site created just for Superheros (distributors) is off the hook. I have the same giddy excitement about this as when I first began to eat high raw - (swimming in raw food nutrition books and uncookbooks, etc) - it all just feels really right. For me, this dream opportunity of starting a Superfoods business makes complete sense - another stream of income with huge possibilities, working with the Avocado himself, and the blessing of having the top Superdogs take care of virtually everything (entrepreneurs will tell you that it's the minor, yet required, time-consuming daily tasks that slow things down, until you are out-sourcing). I don't have to worry about any of that .. and I get to share the best foods in the world and watch how it changes THEIR world. That's priceless! I'll post a thorough review of Elements for Life and the life-affirming products soon! To read more Superhero goodness:

3) Beginning at the end of this month, I am officially a student again! I joined Karen Knowler's Raw Food Classes Home Study Program and cannot contain my EXCITEMENT! Another decision, based on an inner knowing that this is perfect for me and will bring me to the next level as an Educator. The Program is all about learning to teach raw food classes - definitely something I've been looking forward to for some time and now with the proper guidance and technique ... I feel golden (especially with the addition of #4)!

4) To continue learning from Karen, this next program that has presented itself is called the Raw Professionals. This could very well be 'the' thing that tips me over the edge. To have this come into my life, business coaching with a raw foods coach (and not just a raw foods coach, but THE UK's Raw Food Coach), is literally what I've been asking for. Enough said. Ask and you shall receive. Believe it people!

5) After wrapping up the end of the year programs, I now have 5 openings available for my Healing Wellness Programs - either the 21 Day Turn-Around or the 90 Day Knock-Out. Because it's that time of year when everyone makes resolutions and doesn't stick to them, I am making it my mission to make sure 5 of you DO stick to the goals you set for 2009 and help you to start off on the right track. The Special New Year, New Intention Discount is a whopping 25% off either program. Only 5 people will be accepted to begin work in January. Refer to this blog post when contacting me to receive your discount.

Which one of these am I most excited about? As I listed these off, I'd think 'ooh, ooh, this one!', but really it's all of them for so many different reasons! It's like the universe has thrown at me the very best, top-notch opportunities and they've landed right in my lap. For 2009, I see a very bright future regarding my contribution to the raw foods and superfoods movement. And the best news? This is just the 1st half of the list (Part 1)! The 2nd half will be heading your way in just a few short days.