Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Manifest your dreams into reality

My website ( is up and running after the successful hosting transfer, so thanks for your patience while it was temporarily down.

I have so many dreams it seems as though I'll be writing forever if I were to write them all down. I'm a powerful manifester, I know this, and really believe we all are if we are to actually listen to ourselves and take honest action based upon those thoughts. We make our own dreams happen, am I right?

For those of you who have placed orders this month taking advantage of the recession discount of 15% off all skincare orders, thank you! There are just a few days remaining to utilize this discount, good until Aug 31. But.. another discount is coming, for those fortunate souls who I'll connect with at the Raw Spirit Festival in just a few weeks! I leave in 11 days to road trip down to Sedona and am in major production mode now. I've never made this large quantity before and I'm making it as always with such pure love and goodness and I hope others will feel and experience what we (myself and fellow users) do. Due to the incredibly pure nature of my products, I have waited to make all products within 2 weeks of leaving so they are absolutely super fresh when purchased at the fest. I don't ever have inventory just hanging around, so this is crunch time, and thankfully I work really well under stress and pressure! I'm bringing some of the Healing Body Scrubs and we'll be giving free hand/arm massage and exfoliation treatments at my booth (Organic Healing Skincare). I could say I'm excited, but seriously, I'm bursting with anticipation, super joy and ridiculous excitement! This is the biggest event of the year and I will post while I'm away with pictures to keep you in the loop. Thanks for the support, my friends!

Off to make a batch of Ocean Beauty and drink a serious green smoothie while I'm at it. I got my Sunfood order yesterday and have eaten mostly gojis, raw cacao nibs, and raw cashews, plus a fresh fruit salad, today. YUM! Oh, and I made raw brownies last night; very randomly realized I had all the ingredients for this recipe, and they turned out heavenly!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Letting go ... lacking control

Hi Friends.

First I must say that if you've tried to access my website,, it is temporarily down as I'm switching hosting companies. I'm using ThinkHost now, and they are a sustainable, earth-friendly, carbon neutral company. It's been important for me to align myself with these like-minded companies. A bit of worry hangs over though, that this situation of my site being down is out of my control. I realize these people are professionals and experienced at what they do, but this small part of me is thinking up worst-case scenarios (What if the site is lost? Is this even possible? What on earth would I do?). I've tended to this baby of mine for a long time now and created something I'm quite proud of. I just don't want anything to happen to it. Hmmmmmm ..... my website, and all the people around me whom I care deeply about.

This brings me to a theme that's been so relevant these past couple weeks, and honestly, the past several years. I'm realizing much of it stems from fear, and I can't stand the idea of limiting my potential because of fear! Admitting there's a lack of control of certain future situations really is the power of letting go. In my carefree life, the law of attraction resonates with me and I see it happening all around me. So, turn off the fear and think positive thoughts! Oh, okay - that sounds so easy!

One of the primary contributing factors to dedicating my life to sharing what I know and have experienced comes from a place of seeing the quality of other's life dissipate right before my eyes and not being able to do a thing about it. It all began years ago when the closest person to me lost their life to 'terminal' cancer. I say that in quotes because now I believe that illness and chronic disease is preventable, whereas then I unfortunately didn't know anything of what I know now. Without giving away too many personal details, these circumstances were different; there was an exposure to something which did cause the cancer to be terminal, however, it was the unhealthy lifestyle of this person which ultimately determined that outcome.

Suffering is not inevitable; compromise is not acceptable; lifestyle and what you put into your body is everything. I spent a ridiculous amount of time researching, reading, and immersing myself in natural health information. My first encounter with a wellness center was during this time and I thought I struck gold. All that I came to know was too late to help the one person I desperately wanted to save, and now, nothing stops my path of helping others achieve outstanding, vibrant health. The catch: this all goes to plan providing they want this for themselves, too. I'm an intense person anyway, and add to it this intensely driven nature to shift the mindset of the world (ambitious, I know), and do so in honor of the woman who gave me life.

I see this pattern with those closest to me. I recognize that no matter how much I want them to want the best for themselves, it really just comes down to each individual genuinely wanting it for themselves. This passion decides whether they take action. I can provide all the information, motivation, and inspiration they need, but if it doesn't come from within, then the changes made simply won't last. Some are fortunate to not go through these life-altering experiences, and the rest of us are lucky enough to have persevered, and survived them.

Personal loss makes you want to give away and share everything you learned from that experience, to prevent others from unnecessarily shortening their life too. This was the pivotal point that ignited my passion for all things living.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The beginning of my story

I've felt really compelled to tell my story of how and why I am where I am. More specific than that, why am I so passionate about my work and how I am living? Simply stated, because I FEEL deeply that it's just the way it needs to be, and should be, for me - at least. This 'story' will happen over the course of several blogs. I want you to get to know me!

David Wolfe has said that you should only listen to those who are achieving the results that you desire. That sounds obvious, but people do not practice this. If someone gives you a health or nutrition suggestion, but they don't visually appear radiantly healthy, why would you listen? We must take it upon ourselves to do the research and to educate ourselves. Yes, make the effort to delve into the world of mis-information about health and wellness. You will soon be able to understand what is legit and what is worthless information. Try it; what's the worst that could happen? We must look at information as powerful, although it can certainly feel like a curse at times. I'm being honest here. Sometimes I want to just move away to an island with my loved ones with what I know because the resistance and acceptance of others is overwhelming. Enter: the raw community! Self-education is the best way to inform us of the choices that lie ahead for our (potentially) very bright future.

I wonder why some of us are so driven to know more and to do whatever it takes to reach our potential. I'm on this crazy mission to share with everyone that WE HAVE THE POWER; WE MAINTAIN CONTROL OVER OUR HEALTH. Most don't want to take on what's necessary to truly make a difference in the way they feel... they make excuses and come up with every reason why it's too much to change or too much effort. Then what I have to say is, your health is not a priority if you are not willing to do everything it takes to seriously prevent degenerative disease, among all these other ridiculous ailments that cause so much suffering - and on a daily basis! I can't ever imagine living and dealing with all those common ailments and side effects (headaches, aches/pains, gas/bloating/indigestion, skin rashes/eczema/puffiness, pudgyness, emotional rollercoasters/depression/anxiety/panic attacks). I continue to be blown away when I see how people compromise themselves unknowingly - allowing your own health to dwindle right before you and do little to reverse or change it. It's in your hands. Do something about it! I think something inside each and every one of us knows, like really knows - as if it were innate.

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