Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vitamin C Vanilla Elixir

To fortify the immune system and create resilience, make yourself a refreshing elixir throughout the winter. We have the power to never get sick again, and this drink is one surefire way to strengthen your body to resist all the unwanted illnesses that come to the surface especially this time of year.

Vitamin C Vanilla Elixir

1.5 quarts spring water (
1 tbsp Truly Vitamin C (acerola cherry powder) OR 2 tsp camu camu (camu is a bit higher in vitamin C and a bit lower in sugar)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp organic white stevia extract powder (from the NOW brand)
3 pinches of high quality sea salt
handful of ice (made w/ spring water of course)

Optional: 2 drops of organic orange extract (the kind that is a water alcohol and orange oil mix, often found near vanilla extract in a natural foods store).

To make this brew even more tonifying, add 1 cup tonic tea (loose leaf herbs, roots, bark, teas that are decocted, then strained on the stovetop)

Blend on high until frothy and let it settle for a couple minutes. This drink will taste like vanilla cream soda w/ a slight fruity kick (which I was not a fan of when I was a kid, but now, this healthy, tasty version I crave every day).

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