Saturday, January 2, 2010

1 Drink That Will Skyrocket Your Health

Sweet Blue Sea

- 100% Organic Raw Camu Camu Powder (Ultimate Superfoods) - approx 1 tsp
- Truly Vitamin C (HealthForce Nutritionals) - approx 1 tbsp
- MSM powder (Sunfood Nutrition) - approx 1 tsp
- Elixir of the Lake (HealthForce Nutritionals) - approx 1/2 tsp
- Marine Phytoplankton (Elements for Life / - few drops
- Raw Vanilla Bean Powder (Ultimate Superfoods) - couple pinches
- Celtic Sea Salts / Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt - big pinch
- Organic White Extract Stevia Powder (NOW brand) - 1 tsp - 1 tbsp (to taste)

Bonus Option: Add Fruits of the Earth (approx 1 tsp) (HealthForce Nutritionals) which will provide enormous amounts of anti-oxidants to eliminate free radical damage (signs of aging), green grasses to clean the bloodstream (without any green taste!), massive amounts of probiotcs (43 billion strains, and total count) to heal the digestive system and allow greater nutrient absorption for clear skin. Keep in mind that many skin issues are rooted in digestive troubles.

Master Level Option:
1) Add tinctures of horsetail, burdock, nettles / beauty elixirs: Chinese herbal extracts (Mountain Rose Herbs, Shaman Shack, or homemade versions)

In parenthesis, I've listed where I source my ingredients for this Youthening drink to help you find the best prices!

The #1 shining star of this recipe is the Vitamin C (from camu camu powder & acerola cherries from Truly Vitamin C). When you eat food or drinks that are naturally high in vitamin C, you will experience these results; the same cannot be said for ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is the synthetic version that will never give you the benefits listed below, no matter the megadose you take.

Expect this perfectly sweet elixir of life to:

* Strengthen your immune system dramatically
* Create flawless skin and a youthful appearance
* Drastically improve skin concerns (especially psoriasis, eczema, acne)
* Improve vision naturally over time
* Give you lustrous hair with gorgeous shine and gloss
* Raise your serotonin levels (great for seasonal affective disorder / the winter blues)
* Boost recovery rates of any kind (mental = depression, all the way to physical = out of surgery)
* Speed healing of first aid issues, such as cuts, scrapes, bruising, wounds

I like to make almost a full pitcher size in the Vita-Mix, each morning. There is no serving size and you can drink as much as you'd like. Store in the fridge for a chilled drink later in the day and carry some with you in a glass jar whenever you head out the door!

The Sweet Blue Sea feels nourishing, deeply hydrating, and truly will skyrocket your health. Just get in the habit now and drink it on a consistent basis - create the morning ritual and have it ready for you throughout the day. Kick start 2010 with a robust immune system and commit to doing whatever it takes to keep your body resilient and strong.


  1. It would be great if it didn't cost a fortune for the average person to consume such a fantastic elixar, how does a person really honestly afford ingredients that cost so much?

  2. Reminds me of chocolate bliss...minus the cacao part. Makes me feel so darn good!

  3. Thanks for your comment Sally. It's very easy to purchase Superfoods at discounted or wholesale prices, so cost is not an issue. Each bottle, package, bag, etc lasts a few months, which is incredibly cost-effective and sustainable. You use such small amounts b/c everything is so nutrient-dense... you'll save lots of $$ in general, it's just the initial purchase that can be costly if you order in bulk to get lowered prices.

    Here's how to eat like a queen without paying for it:

    Check out and note that all those Superfoods can be purchased at discounted/wholesale prices.

    I agree Capt'n!! :-)

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