Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Putting Island Fire to the Test

If you've been following my Tweets lately, you'll notice that I've been mentioning the Elements for Life product, Island Fire, quite a bit. I have been taking 2 tablespoons in the afternoon (diluted with water so it can be enjoyed longer) for a spicy kick and sustained energy throughout the entire evening. What I noticed immediately was that I've become more clear in my thinking and have been able to concentrate, focus, and work for extended periods tirelessly. Now keep in mind that I am also starting most of my days with Gold Rush (24 Karat liquid Gold), and the mental clarity (plus creativity and imagination) is certainly related to to this, but it's been the Island Fire that revs me up ready to tackle all projects on the ever-growing to-do list.

Just about a week ago in Bikram yoga, I must've twisted my left ankle while overextending myself in one of the poses (possibly in the early part of the standing series). Oddly, I didn't notice inflammation or swelling, or experience any pain, until 3 days later when I returned from a leisurely 3 mile walk around Greenlake Park. Why is it that right when I make the commitment to be more consistently active, which has always been struggle for me, that one of the main joints on my body is in poor condition to do so? Is the universe telling me I should just kick up my feet and give up? No way! Being who I am (a proud Living Superfoodist striving for equal dedication to exercise), I reach for raw foods, fresh juices, green smoothies (new love for this!), medicinal herbs, and superfoods to see how resilient I've become by living this pure lifestyle.

My self-determined protocol for super speedy healing and recovery:

* 1/2 a pineapple a day (either freshly cut or dropped into a green smoothie)

* frozen organic cherries in my superfood smoothies

* Enzyme therapy with HealthForce's Digestion Enhancement Enzymes (providing all enzymes)

* Arnica pellets throughout the day

* Truly Vitamin C (which from FOOD, not synthetic ascorbic acid, immensely speeds recovery of ANY kind - physical and mental trauma)

* Turmeric powder (from Mountain Rose Herbs) added to my Superfood cacao smoothies

* Maha Vishgarbha oil (from Tattva's Herbs, some local friends who created an Ayurvedic herbal company)

* A homemade salve that relieves muscle soreness and inflammation

* Island Fire (a live enzyme Tonic Elixir with 140 + Bio-Active Enzymes, Raw Tahitian Noni Juice, Raw Hawaiian Turmeric Juice (olena), Raw Ginger Juice, Meyer Lemon Juice, Spices, colloidal plant and ocean sourced ionic minerals, including rare trace elements (gold, platinum, silver, and Indium).

* MSM powder - naturally occuring form of dietary sulfur

I've been gradually implementing this protocol and will pay great attention to what is working and how quickly I get results. This supercharged regimen allowed me to perserve through yoga this morning. You might think I'm nuts to have gone to yoga class with one working ankle, but I missed the heated room and everything else about it. I said I'd be happy even if I stayed in Savasana the entire time, which fortunately was not the case. We'll see how my body feels tomorrow!

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