Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Best Superfood for Hormone Balancing

Maca is a Peruvian root that's grown high altitude in the Andes and withstands such intense weather conditions (extreme temperatures, winds, etc) that when you consume it, you naturally become more resilient because of what it endures as it grows in the mountains. Remember, you become what you eat. If you're looking for balance in mood and hormones, with a boost of stamina and endurance (in the bedroom too!), then this ancient healing food is for you. It looks like a radish and is actually a cruciferous vegetable just like broccoli and cauliflower.

Raw Maca Powder is high octane fuel for maximizing physical or emotional performance at home or on the job. You can raise your daily vitality and sense of well being through the roof with this amazing Superfood that restores and revitalizes energy reserves by providing nourishment deep at the core of the body's endocrine system. This amazing and potent Superfood is a gently dried and powdered raw organic root that tastes great can be used creatively in smoothies, desserts, drinks. You'll notice in previous posts that I add it into quite a bit of of my recipes.

The 5 primary benefits of Maca are - Energy, Strength, Healing, Hormones, and Fertility (all of these get thrown off by hormone imbalance and can be easily brought back into balance).

* Increase Physical Energy and Daily Stamina
* Key Nutrients to Support Libido and Peak Sexual Functioning
* Helps Promote Physical & Emotional Well Being by Providing Key Nutrients for Hormonal Balance For Men/Women of All Ages
* Nutritional Support for Healthy Menopause Transition
* Increase Mental Clarity and Focus

To bring yourself into balance and improve skin conditions, add a spoonful of raw maca powder into your kitchen creations and you'll notice an immediate difference. A majority of skin inflammation, acne, and rosacea are caused by hormone fluctuations and imbalance that maca has the potential to address entirely. Maca is one where you don't have to wait too long to feel the effects, which is likely why most everyone loves it.

This malty-tasting Superfood is a FOOD, not a supplement, so there is no toxicity. The typical dosage is 1 tsp - 1 tbsp, depending on if you're using it as maintenance (as sustained energy for active people) or therapeutically (for skin problems, etc). We want results... remarkable results... and we want them now! You want to make sure you get RAW Maca, not roasted, so that the nutrients haven't been cooked right out of the root. The 2 companies I get mine from are Elements for Life and HealthForce - they provide the highest integrity and quality products you can find.