Saturday, August 2, 2008

The beginning of my story

I've felt really compelled to tell my story of how and why I am where I am. More specific than that, why am I so passionate about my work and how I am living? Simply stated, because I FEEL deeply that it's just the way it needs to be, and should be, for me - at least. This 'story' will happen over the course of several blogs. I want you to get to know me!

David Wolfe has said that you should only listen to those who are achieving the results that you desire. That sounds obvious, but people do not practice this. If someone gives you a health or nutrition suggestion, but they don't visually appear radiantly healthy, why would you listen? We must take it upon ourselves to do the research and to educate ourselves. Yes, make the effort to delve into the world of mis-information about health and wellness. You will soon be able to understand what is legit and what is worthless information. Try it; what's the worst that could happen? We must look at information as powerful, although it can certainly feel like a curse at times. I'm being honest here. Sometimes I want to just move away to an island with my loved ones with what I know because the resistance and acceptance of others is overwhelming. Enter: the raw community! Self-education is the best way to inform us of the choices that lie ahead for our (potentially) very bright future.

I wonder why some of us are so driven to know more and to do whatever it takes to reach our potential. I'm on this crazy mission to share with everyone that WE HAVE THE POWER; WE MAINTAIN CONTROL OVER OUR HEALTH. Most don't want to take on what's necessary to truly make a difference in the way they feel... they make excuses and come up with every reason why it's too much to change or too much effort. Then what I have to say is, your health is not a priority if you are not willing to do everything it takes to seriously prevent degenerative disease, among all these other ridiculous ailments that cause so much suffering - and on a daily basis! I can't ever imagine living and dealing with all those common ailments and side effects (headaches, aches/pains, gas/bloating/indigestion, skin rashes/eczema/puffiness, pudgyness, emotional rollercoasters/depression/anxiety/panic attacks). I continue to be blown away when I see how people compromise themselves unknowingly - allowing your own health to dwindle right before you and do little to reverse or change it. It's in your hands. Do something about it! I think something inside each and every one of us knows, like really knows - as if it were innate.

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