Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Manifest your dreams into reality

My website ( is up and running after the successful hosting transfer, so thanks for your patience while it was temporarily down.

I have so many dreams it seems as though I'll be writing forever if I were to write them all down. I'm a powerful manifester, I know this, and really believe we all are if we are to actually listen to ourselves and take honest action based upon those thoughts. We make our own dreams happen, am I right?

For those of you who have placed orders this month taking advantage of the recession discount of 15% off all skincare orders, thank you! There are just a few days remaining to utilize this discount, good until Aug 31. But.. another discount is coming, for those fortunate souls who I'll connect with at the Raw Spirit Festival in just a few weeks! I leave in 11 days to road trip down to Sedona and am in major production mode now. I've never made this large quantity before and I'm making it as always with such pure love and goodness and I hope others will feel and experience what we (myself and fellow users) do. Due to the incredibly pure nature of my products, I have waited to make all products within 2 weeks of leaving so they are absolutely super fresh when purchased at the fest. I don't ever have inventory just hanging around, so this is crunch time, and thankfully I work really well under stress and pressure! I'm bringing some of the Healing Body Scrubs and we'll be giving free hand/arm massage and exfoliation treatments at my booth (Organic Healing Skincare). I could say I'm excited, but seriously, I'm bursting with anticipation, super joy and ridiculous excitement! This is the biggest event of the year and I will post while I'm away with pictures to keep you in the loop. Thanks for the support, my friends!

Off to make a batch of Ocean Beauty and drink a serious green smoothie while I'm at it. I got my Sunfood order yesterday and have eaten mostly gojis, raw cacao nibs, and raw cashews, plus a fresh fruit salad, today. YUM! Oh, and I made raw brownies last night; very randomly realized I had all the ingredients for this recipe, and they turned out heavenly!


  1. I am looking forward to meeting you in Sedona! I can hardly wait to see the goodies you are bringing!

  2. We are so geared up and it's seriously going to be the best event ever!