Sunday, November 16, 2008

HealthForce Healing Cleanse

Ah yes, I've embarked on another nutritional cleanse - yet this one is Jameth Sheridan's style: hard-core and truly powerful. Mike and I are doing the intestinal and parasite cleanse, a program we've decided to do for 5 days. We take some capsules and binding powders throughout the day, drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices, superfood loaded smoothies (I have decided cacao in minimal amounts is okay on this cleanse), and have a normal green infused living dinner.

I have to share this recipe that I got from the Chocolate! Superfoods! Raw! Cosmic Cacao! group I joined through facebook; you must try it, it tastes like a mint chocolate chip ice cream mylkshake. Totally amazing and you'll wonder how you lived without.

2-3 T cacao nibs
1 T cacao butter (melted) or cacao powder
1 oz soaked gojis (I didn't have any, so I went without)
1 T raw almond butter or soaked almonds (I used almond butter)
1 T coconut oil or 1/2 cup coconut water (I used coconut oil)
1.5 T ground flax or hemp seeds (I used hemp seeds)
2 tsp maca force (I used 1 tsp vanilla spice and 1 tsp carob peppermint)
2 tsp wildharvested bee pollen (I use Mountain Rose Herbs)
1 vanilla bean (split open and scrap the insides into smoothie)
1 T dark agave
2 frozen bananas (the recipe said use just a 1/2 frozen banana, but I felt it needed more)
1-2 cups homemade Brazil nut mylk (the recipe called for water, but how can you not use freshly homemade nut mylk when you have it?)

Blend Well.

I am so happy on this cleanse already. The first day has been a breeze - and I will keep you posted.

A superfood smoothie cleanse that nutritionally supports nourishing, soothing, and lubrication (of the colon), plus drawing action, absorption and elimination of poisons and toxins from the entire intestinal tract (Intestinal Drawing Formula - powder). Then you have the Intestinal Movement Formula (capsules) - the supportive herbal components in this formula support digestion, the immune system, blood sugar balance and reduction of harmful microbes (maximum colon cleansing = better health). And lastly, but certainly not least, you've got the Internal Parasite Formula (capsules) - this formulation uses therapeutically effective quantities of cloves, black walnut, and wormwood to kill parasites. Milk thistle extract and wasabi extract are added to support the liver and help control die-off reactions from parasites and harmful microbes. It's all about getting the bad guys out. This formula is highly anti-candida too!

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