Wednesday, May 20, 2009

10 Ways To Eat Superfood Green Powders

Shown left to right - ReVitaPhi, Greener Grasses, Vitamineral Green, Pure Synergy.

Struggling to find creative ways to eat your Superfood blends, Super Herbs, and the Nutrient-Dense Greens? Try these 10 suggestions and please comment if you've found other delicious ways to incorporate them!

1) Raw Chocolate Blendie - the official recipe shows the Superfoods as optional, but I tend to always add ReVitaPhi, MSM and Maca to this.

2) SuperFruit Smoothie (homemade nut mylk, coconut water, or medicinal tea as the liquid base with banana, fresh or frozen fruit, superfood blends and sweetener of choice (I like dates, local raw honey, or agave)

3) Added to Homemade Hummus (green hummus!) - I spread this on everything!

4) Straight up in coconut water (AKA the Performance recipe in The Sunfood Diet Success System - 7th Edition, by David Wolfe)

5) Mixed together with freshly made vegetable juice (Rainbow Magic)

6) Mint Chocolate Superfood Fudge or the Raw Chocolate Dream Fudge (there's so many versions of this fudge!)

7) The Best Ever Raw Chocolate Mylk - I've had this daily for weeks before, it's that good!

8) Blended into your homemade salad dressing (Creamy Dreamy Green Dressing)

9) Sprinkled over salads and soups (start with small amounts and taste until it's to your liking)

10) Like a hard-core Superfoodist, mixed in just plain water (shaken well together in a mason jar)

If you're just starting out taking Superfoods, I'd start with just 1 tsp per day and use them consistently for several weeks before bumping up the amounts. A good guideline with Superfood Green Powders is to add 1 tsp every 3 weeks, working up to 1-2 T per day. This way your body has the time to adapt to these super nutrient-dense foods. You'll still benefit immensely even with the lower amounts and changes in how you look and feel will become obvious as the weeks pass!

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